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Still no sign of Mark “Driver”┬áThompson out there. I am slowly, but surely pulling off his writings archived at In the future, I will be adding my own posts. I won’t claim to write as well as Driver, but this seems like a good venue to voice opinions I would not normally post on my two other blogs, or

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  1. Bryan

    thanks for doing this, I was thinking about doing the same thing.

    His real last name is Thompson. Mark thompson.

  2. admin

    You are welcome, I hope to get the rest up soon. Thanks for the info, I thought it was Thompson, but wasn’t sure. His book is no longer for sale on as well. If I really have time, I will add my own blinowinoesque posts as well, but my life is no where near as interesting as his is.

  3. dkm201

    Come back, Mark! America needs you!

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