The Mark Driver Poverty Defense Fund

The Mark Driver Poverty Defense Fund

For many people, poverty is a place they visit while down on their luck. Maybe because of a firing, or the loss of a income earning member of the family, maybe they’re even scraping by to put themselves through school. Those people effectively deal with their problems and move back up into mainstream society, leaving welfare behind, and eventually paying into the system that took care of them when they were down. While this may be the situation of most people who seek financial aid from the State, there are others. Others who will never breathe a day free from the shackles of poverty. Others who hide in doorways and rot in vermin filled slums. These people are the chronically poor. Some are homeless, some are so entrenched in their wretched conditions that most employers would sooner phone the police than offer them an application for work. Whether these people are in this condition because of drug abuse, mental illness, physical handicaps, alcoholism, or just striking ignorance is not the issue; what is the issue is that these people are falling through the cracks of society.

What makes an even bad situation worse is the fact that these chronically poor people are forced to live in the most violent of environments: industrial wastelands, crumbling inner cities, crime ridden tenement houses, inhospitable rural nightmares. Add in the human predators: crack-fueled gang members pumping bullets through random windows, out of control police forces smashing skulls in an attempt to create order, criminals who know that a poor person has next to no rights in America, drug addicts who will do just about anything for that next fix. Families who live in these real life apocalypses are unable to even feed themselves, much less defend themselves.

Decades of mistakes and failures in dealing with the poor from both liberal and conservative camps have proved ineffective. Liberal policies remove incentives for work and improving oneself, while conservative polices are often so draconian, they leave an army of New Poor in their wake. It is obvious that any new leadership on this issue must come from outside. This is where the Mark Driver Poverty Defense Fund comes in.

There is one goal to the Mark Driver Poverty Defense Fund, and that is arming the poor. Under this policy, every family member over the age of 8 from every qualifying family would be eligible to receive a 9mm, .38, or .45 caliber handgun of their choice, and in some special cases, a 12 gauge shotgun would be granted as well. Recipients would also receive 3000 rounds of ammunition per month, basic gun training, and up to two free hours at police firing ranges weekly. Now I understand that many of you may not initially be in favor of arming the chronically poor, who, by my own admission are largely comprised of mentally unstable substance abusers, but hear me out.

The last time I checked, this was America, a country established to be land of the free, providing freedom for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Would you suggest that we restrict these people’s freedom of speech? Their right to vote? Their ability to peaceably assemble? There are those of you who may be so scared of hard living people with nothing to lose that you would pay double your taxes to lock them all up, but you are a timid anti-American minority barely worth mentioning. The reasonable American would not deny any person their basic rights on reason of financial status, rights which include owning and baring arms. Any segment of our society that is unable to claim their human birthrights under God, whose divine providence was the inspiration for a government that, at least on paper, put the rights of man above the rights of the State, any such segment should be assisted in order to claim their full rights as citizens, citizens of possibly the boldest experiment in human freedom that the world has ever seen, The United States of America.

I also believe that if we could flood every poor area of America with firearms and enough ammunition for reasonable home defense, we could essentially wipe out crime in the United States. Recent laws in Texas and Arizona that allow for the concealed carrying of a handgun have significantly reduced crime in those areas. Laws throughout the South that require each household to own a gun have had similar effects in reducing crime. Once armed, the poor will be able to defend themselves against the scum that currently keeps them cowering in their residences. Corner drug deals, home invasion robberies, even drive-by shootings would become a thing of the past as responsible citizens return fire, and make sure the only criminals on the streets are laying in pools of their own corrupted blood, begging for mercy at the hands of the righteous. Rats and roaches once given free reign on the babies of the underprivileged will also yield to superior firepower. Even inner city police officers, mad with power and paranoia, will think twice before violating the civil rights of the poor. It is every American’s right to live free, live safe, and be able to experience the rush of power that goes with gripping the cool steel of a quality handgun. We have tried everything else, and we have met with failure. It is time to arm the underprivileged. I think that as a compassionate society, we owe it to our poor. Join me, won’t you?