Retarded Grump on the Go

Man, what a dick I was on the last post. I mean, it’s totally true…but now I actually have something to write about beyond “wow, look at the song/video/book I had absolutely nothing to do with other than finding it and now I’m linking to in an attempt to graft its coolness/hilarity/obscurity onto my own, admittedly lame public identity with comments assuredly far more trite and pedestrian than the original content”.

Ex: “Wow, I can’t believe MJ’s exploding heart trumped Farah Fawcett’s anal cancer. Makes me want to listen to the new Grizzly Projectors record!” (insert dead link to mediafire here.)

Anyways, traveling through the Middle East now. As most of these countries are police states with heavily monitored Internets, I’m just filling notebooks. Then, when I’m home, I’ll delete this post and start updating like I’m still there. Police state solved!

In the meantime, satiate yourselves with this dogmess.