Offended by Meat

am offended. Isn’t it bad enough that Hollywood forces its perverse immorality on our families? Aren’t we already victims of Network Television’s assault on our values and religion? I already protect my family against the corrupting influence of the media by blocking everything but the Family Channel and that lovely Food TV. I strictly limit my family’s radio usage to 1/2 hour of Rush in the morning (he tends to get a bit racy sometimes). The Internet has not yet invaded our home with its character destroying tentacles, although I do have access here at work, where I spend hours going over the disgusting smut that shocks me to my very bones. I thought my family was safe from temptation, but I was not complete in my purging. Shopping circulars have found their way into my household, and I can feel my family’s disappointment in me.

I moved my family from the value corrupting and fast-lane lifestyle of Orange County, California to a small Illinois town, even though it meant losing my well-paying job (money is nothing but a score keeper for the devil). I did it for my children. But even after these incredible sacrifices, it seems that not even the small towns of America are safe anymore. Take a look at this photograph of meat I found gaping at me as I opened my mail on Monday. All I have to say is that it’s a darn good thing I saw this before my children did. How can I explain about the sacrificial lamb if this is the twisted vision that enters their pious minds? Is this ad supposed to sell good American meat, or send our children into masturbatory frenzies? I ask you, WHO IS SAFE ANYMORE?

I’m sure that good man Dole will have something to say about this when he becomes President. We shouldn’t be inspecting and regulating the already over-burdened meat industry, we should be inspecting and regulating the advertising media. Their images of sex and sin may push our youth “over the edge”, and could spell disaster for our already plummeting national character. We have protection for welfare mothers and flag burners in this country, but we don’t have any protection for our children. Things must change soon, or this “Chosen Land” may become the “Frozen Land”. Our family values will be smashed to dust, dust snorted like drugs my the Media Elite who will not stop until we are a nation of fornicating heathens. God help us.