Stop Having Babies

I will be the first to admit the urge to mate is a strong one. Fortunately, humans have figured out how to go at it without having a kid every time. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to bad decisions about who we swap fluids with. With no worry (well, a little worry) about having our genes combined with the human oddities we sometimes go home with, we’re free to be absolutely stupid. But I guess that’s our prerogative.

What bums me out are all the stupid people who still have babies. Especially the creeps who have no way to take care of them. Cycle goes like this. Guy is a dick. Girl feels lonely. She figures “If I have a kid I won’t be lonely. I will have love, and Mr. Dick will stay with me forever.” Mr. Dick finds out she’s pregger. Calls her slut. Doubts it’s his kid. Girl stubbornly still has baby she can’t take care of. Starts to resent baby when it starts cutting into her life. Wallah, another kid, born into a shitty situation. It’s a stereotype, sure, but like most stereotypes, it is founded in reality. I can’t even think of how many people I know who have gone through this. Stuff sometimes ends up working out all right in the end, but only after Grandma steps in with help. You can’t tell people what to do, but when their stupid behavior affects another living thing, you should question your non-interference.

I worked as a lifeguard in a suburban neighborhood for a while, and was exposed daily to wonderful homemaking wives and their hordes of poisonous brats. I have nothing against someone staying home and raising the kids, male or female. That’s way more important than any stupid career, and there’s nothing wrong with a little reproduction now and then. One or two kids are fine, but these women would waddle in with six rug rats, and one in the oven. It’s not 1920 anymore. They don’t need extra help on the farm. They are a creepy baby making machines. Take up needlepoint or target shooting. Hell, develop a drug habit. Just stop having babies. It would be one thing if they could take care of them, but how could they fully understand/get to know in depth/fully appreciate/discipline each and every kid on more than a superficial level? They can’t, and they’re creating more horrible people for the world to deal with.

Perhaps the worst Catch-22 with having babies, is that most intelligent, successful people have two children tops, and sometimes don’t even reproduce. On the other hand, the dumbasses of the world can’t seem to stop having kids, almost giving the impression that they don’t understand the cause and effect relationship between sex and becoming great with child. Results are: a bunch of stupid kids genetically predetermined to have more stupid kids themselves, a cycle which will undoubtedly result in the complete overrun of moron earth. Humanity will be plunged into the dark ages once more, and life as we know it will end (but none of this should hurt the sales of Budweiser).