Updated server

Had to update from MySQL from 4.0 to 5.0, but it looks like everything ported over ok.  If anyone notices something missing, let me know in the comments.

Just Another Empire

Received Just Another Empire as a gift for Christmas.   Most of the way through it now and if you are a Mark Driver fan, a great read and back in print:  Just Another Empire.
I will post a full review when I am finished with this tome.

He’s Alive!

Looks like Mark Driver has resurfaced and now has a blog of his own: http://blindwino.wordpress.com/

You can also follow his Twitter account http://twitter.com/MarkDriver.

Good to know he is alive.

Thought I was done, maybe I am now.

Thanks to Sam, I was informed of some Mark Driver posts I have never seen.  They are hopelessly out of date, but still entertaining to read through.   So, I added them all and hope the Seattle Weekly does not care about 7 to 8 year old articles about band dates and techology long dead.



Everything that Mark Driver wrote on Crashsite.com and Blindwino.com is now archived here.  It was a labor of love, but it was worth it.  You will find some of the best written articles on the internet found here.  I copied all of these pages from Archive.org I hope everyone enjoys this homage.  Please feel free to email me at contact at cyberphreak.com if you want to add a post of your own.  Of course, if you are ARE Mark Thompson, formerly of L.A., Seattle, and Pittsburgh, please contact me and I will gladly hand this blog over to you for your own personal use.

Blindwino.com posts are all up

Finally got all of Blindwino.com’s era of posts up, in the correct order as well.  Now I am working on getting the Crashsite posts up, in order.

Site Updates

Still no sign of Mark “Driver” Thompson out there. I am slowly, but surely pulling off his writings archived at archive.org. In the future, I will be adding my own posts. I won’t claim to write as well as Driver, but this seems like a good venue to voice opinions I would not normally post on my two other blogs, blog.cyberphreak.com or watches.cyberphreak.com.


Blindwino.com (and crashsite.com) were two of my favorite sites.  Crashsite.com is long gone, Blindwino.com is recently departed.  It was the domain of Mark Driver, one of the best online writers I have ever come across.  I don’t want his works lost to the ages, so this site will have all the pages he posted for all to read.  If you are Mark Driver, emai me at contact@cyberphreak.com !  I will let you use this site gratis.  All I ask in exchange is an occasional blog post.  I hope you are well where ever you are.