Your Vote = Shit

Your Vote = Shit

Last month, in a statewide vote, the decent people of Arizona and California decided that sick people in pain should be allowed to be treated with marijuana if it eases their suffering, much like they already have access to highly addictive morphine, codeine, and cocaine. In the truest form of democracy known to American voters today, the propositions were passed. The will of the people was heard.

Or was it? Congress and the Clinton Administration feel that legalizing marijuana interferes with the current War on Drugs, and sends out the `wrong message’ to children that drugs are OK. They are currently planning a strategy to overturn the propositions. So, instead of sending out the message that “drugs are OK”, they want to send out the message that voting is meaningless if it goes against what our rulers, I mean out leaders, think is appropriate. What kind of arrogance have we elected that goes against a democratic vote?!?

This is the beginning of a new dark age. States rights shrivel under the shadow of the federal government. The Spokesmonsters of Congress have stated that the voters were `duped’, and will soon realize their `mistake’. How many Congresspeople `duped’ voters into electing them? What kind of democracy strikes down laws because the voters `made a mistake?’ A broken one. Did the October Surprise (Reagan’s payoff to Iran to keep the hostages until after he was elected), possibly one of the biggest dupings of the American people, invalidate the Reagan Presidency? Did George “Read My Lips” Bush crumble to dust when he raised taxes? Voters have been `duped’ since Ancient Greece.

So now our taxpayer money is being used to keep the critically ill pot free. How about keeping the CIA drug free? Clinton can smoke fruit in the festive years of College, but HELL NO if Joe Brain Tumor wants a little relief. Here in Los Angeles, where 2 of 3 murders are never solved, an elected sheriff has made legalized marijuana his personal crusade. He has stated that he will report all doctors legally prescribing marijuana under the new state propositions to federal authorities, spending the tax money of the people who approved the law in the first place. Talked about a voter mistake. I suggest a new city motto: Los Angeles – The Sick Stay Drug Free and The Killers Go Scot Free.

It’s like the other California Proposition that killed affirmative action. The day after the vote, students at UC Riverside took over an administration building in protest. Hey morons, you should’ve done that BEFORE the vote! Who are you protesting, the majority of voters? Why not go from house to house, taking over living rooms to convince the common voter of your case. Why the fuck do you care, you’re already got accepted to a school!

It is indeed a scary time when the will of the majority is overturned by a forceful minority, even if the forceful minority was legally elected. The dizzying effects of power seem to be a bit much for the Gorillas of Government, who are too lost in their Bourbon clouds and taxpayer-paid blowjobs to believe that people can make decisions for themselves . Too bad we have to wait until the next big election to fix those mistakes.