Your Great Leader

Well, as you can see, the site is still here. I am not sure about but I am keeping my sites updated and running. Not much new to add, but everyone stay safe with COVID-19, don’t worry a twice divorced, seven time bankrupt, failed casino owner, reality TV star has got your back.

4 Responses to “Your Great Leader”

  1. Hwilli

    I find myself coming back here every few years. Blindwino was one of the things I used to keep myself sane at my lame helpdesk job in the late 90s.

    Good on you for keeping this alive.

  2. Raaf

    I just found this wondering if Mark was still around. Great writer. I looked for him thinking his perspective would be perfect for this time…but then again, it’s all so obvious and tiresome.

    Thanks for keeping his work alive – maybe he’ll find it sometime.

  3. admin

    He has not posted to twitter in over a year, so, yeah, not sure what’s going on. I have tried reaching out a few times, but will no response. I think he was working overseas the last time I heard.
    I will keep this site going and even I refer back to it from time to time.

  4. Erin

    Cheers. Thanks for keeping the light on.

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