Everything that Mark Driver wrote on and is now archived here.  It was a labor of love, but it was worth it.  You will find some of the best written articles on the internet found here.  I copied all of these pages from I hope everyone enjoys this homage.  Please feel free to email me at contact at if you want to add a post of your own.  Of course, if you are ARE Mark Thompson, formerly of L.A., Seattle, and Pittsburgh, please contact me and I will gladly hand this blog over to you for your own personal use.

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  1. Shawn

    Found the empire book in my garage in a box and wanted to check up on mark. Been a fan since crashsite. Sad to see the vanishing, but glad you got this rolling. Cheers

  2. Mazaev

    Awesome… thanks! Was Really sad to see it gone.

  3. Sam


    I check every few weeks in vain hope.

    I did find some writings he did for Seattle weekly however.

  4. rebecca

    My heartrate has actually increased upon discovering this page. A Labor of Love well worth it, for I know i’m just one of a fair amount of folks who still check blindwino now and again, hoping for a resurfacing, or merely for an archive site such as this.

    I haven’t even started to reread one article yet, because i wanted to first say Thank-you very much for your effort. It’s Friday night, and i am going to be parked right here, without a hint of guilt for not meeting friends out, or doing something else productive.

    thanx again

  5. admin

    I am so glad I am not the only one to miss Mark’s writings. It took more than a few hours to copy everything over. I see I am now the first Google result for, right after the parked domain name. To everyone, you are welcome.

  6. sooz

    he lives! found mark on twitter and wordpress. he is in Qatar! check him out:

  7. Wraith

    This is a fantastic find! I’ve been a fan of Driver’s work for years(if not his behavior at the MN Renaissance Festival). Just when I thought all that greatness was lost to history, someone brings it back to life!!

    A labor of love, indeed. Thank you from all the Driver fans who now have reason to go on living! ;>

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